Service Department

Technical department is the base of «Technologies and production». It is the qualified and highly professional technical service, which experts participating in all kinds of works of the company and providing complex servicing:

Test the client equipment being on repair at the special stand and find out the reasons of its breakage.

Inspect all the computer equipment which is assembled by the company, before its sending to the client;

Analyze work of the equipment and networks of the client and reveal infringements in their functioning;

Carry out training of the company-client personnel for competent usage of software products;

Carry out planned diagnostics;

render consulting services.

Our experts do not only find the decision of any client problem. They fill responsibility for creation of conditions for comfortable and effective work of the company-client. Technical experts of department constantly improve the qualification, being trained at the enterprises of manufacturers of computer equipment and in the course of the technical seminars during the period of profile exhibitions. For consulting and finding the answers to urgent questions the hot telephone line for the clients is working.
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