«Technologies and production» offers services in multipurpose technical support of an IT infrastructure of the enterprise.

Transfer of IT functions to the external company has a number of economic advantages:

Reduction of charges for own IT department

Possibility of service budget forecasting in the conditions of company development

Efficient expenses control in the conditions of the fixed budget

Engaging of the external organization for IT-functions allows to liberate means for maintenance of major activity of the company, to receive necessary quality service, to use an innovative information technologies for business processes control with no dependence to geographical scope of activity of the company.

Department basic functions:

1. IT-consulting
2. Audit of a network infrastructure, recommendations on network development.
3. Working capacity and network operation support.
4. PC support
5. Support and service of office equipment
6. Telephony support
7. Server support
8. Internet and e-mail functioning support
9. Anti-virus protection

The order of works and interaction regulations are defined in each case individually, taking into account specificity of the company of the customer.

Policy of «Technologies and Production» - flexible and an individual approach to each client, absence of standard packages of service, focusing on problems of the client, maintenance of working capacity of business of the client with the use of the newest technologies and experience of the highly skilled personnel.
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