Industrial automation

Industrial automation
Industrial automation, i.e. industrial software and PLC control systems designing is one of the basic fields of activity of the company from the moment of its basis in 2001.

Industrial software designing is necessary in situations when for effective work existing equipment is not capable, and additional devices and non-standard equipment are required. In our case these devices are assembled from standard elements, but their configuration is built individually under the customer requirements.

In difficult cases PLC control system is created, and software algorithm is developed, providing the necessary functions and displaying the data on the screen of the computer or the specialized device.

The industrial software is PLC software which provides control algorithm, registration and data display.

The software also can be developed for IBM PC for more convenient representation of information, than PLC can provide.

Such program can gather information from several PLCs, archive the data and show it in more convenient way. Also it provides autonomy of work – if the computer hangs, PLCs will continue to control the objects.

The information transfer channel can be of any kind (the Internet, LAN, modem, direct wire connection, IR port, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth). Industrial push-button and touch panels are used for information display and control.

Access to microcontrollers can be carried out through the web-oriented software also.

Interface design is also possible.

ndustrial software design is strongly specialized process. Cost depends on a solved problem and seriation of devices.
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