The history of «Technologies and production» has begun long before it’s official creation date in 2001. The command of 5 adherents has gathered in 1993, having begun with deliveries of own-assembled computers and custom-made software and hardware. For years of existence of the company the list of rendered services has essentially extended.

Now «Technologies and production» is a large IT company which is engaged not only into assembling and sales of computers, but also designing original program decisions for automation of manufacture and business processes.

The collective has increased also. Nearby 40 persons work in the company today. It is the rallied command of experts of various profiles, professionals and simply good people. The management tries to create comfortable conditions for work and creativity and to support friendly atmosphere, therefore for all time of existence of the company the collective structure practically did not vary. The basic part of collective is made by employees with more than 15-year experience in main spheres of activity of the company.

Principles of our company did not vary from the moment of its basis. We still keep in work client-oriented approach and we put confidential relations with clients and partners on one of the very first positions. The attentive relation to desires of the customer, high quality of services and professionalism, work in pleasure, simple human relations – are the values of the company «Technologies and production». We initially put to ourselves as s purpose not simply to carry out deliveries and sales of computers, and to offer complex decisions and to advance in the market own developments in sphere of information technologies which will allow to get up to speed all processes of activity of the client from account department to manufacture. And we consider that it is possible to us. About it speaks not only stability of the company, but also trust and gratitude of our clients.
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