Joint-Stock Company Technologies and production is Russian company giving a full spectrum of services in the field of the Information technologies. The company works in the market since 2001.

The basic direction of activity of the company «Technologies and Production» – System Integration, as construction of Information Structure of the enterprises, taking into account expansion and scalability prospects.
Projects include the following stages:

Learning of an existing infrastructure of the enterprise;

Data collecting and analysis necessary for an estimation of tasks solving possibilities;

Working out of the project’s technical requirements;

Choosing of process-oriented software, custom-made software development, choosing of the necessary equipment;

Project cost estimating;

Alignment of responsibilities, coordination of the project with the customer;

Project implementation an monitoring operation and IT infrastructure support.

Structure of «Technologies and Production»

IT outsourcing Department – IT consulting, working out of strategy of development of an IT infrastructure of the enterprise; training and operation; individual technical support;

Department of the Information technologies – development of custom-made software decisions, industrial automation, web - programming;

Low-current systems Department – inspection, project documentation development, installation and operation of enterprise level networks;

Department of sales – realization of computers, servers, peripherals and consumables.
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